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Beauty Blooms at East Tennessee’s Dogwood Arts Festival

Discover the natural and cultural beauty of East Tennessee at the annual Dogwood Arts Festival held in Knoxville throughout the month of April.

Most Mispronounced Tennessee Towns

There are many Tennessee towns that only true Tennesseans know how to pronounce correctly. See our list of these tongue twisters.

April 2014 Events in Tennessee

Discover what’s happening in Tennessee throughout the month of April.

Sardis Antique Farm & Home Show [Correction]

Looking for antique farm equipment? Head to the Sardis Antique Farm & Home show in rural West Tennessee this spring.

19th Annual Tennessee Farm Bureau Photo Contest

It’s that time of year again! Grab your cameras and start snapping, and send in your photos to the 19th Annual Tennessee Farm Bureau Photo Contest.

Tennessee Sheep Shearing Video

Watch a sheep shearing video of renowned sheep shearer Doug Rathke sharing his techniques at the annual Tennessee Sheep Shearing School held at MTSU.

What is Sorghum?

Learn more about sorghum and what distinguishes it from molasses.