Aunt Sadie Has a Yard Sign

Aunt Sadie has a way with words.

No Use Arguing Over Spoilt Milk

Uncle Sid looks for carbon footprints but finds himself in hot water.

65 and Counting

Reflections after reaching the age of government signup.

Talking Scents

Chitlins and Blue Waltz – some odors you will never forget.

Read All About It: What’s in the Box?

Cousin Sed comes to stay with postage due.

Cousin Shad’s Hanging Heater

Sometime things seem a lot more involved than what they really are.

You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out: How Times – and Toys – Have Changed

The popular holiday movie, A Christmas Story shows how times have changed in finding out what life is all about.

The Great Pumpkin Thief

The Great Pumpkin Theif

Jack-o’-lantern thievery was a major sport on Halloween night, with trying to catch who stole your pumpkin running a close second.

Blackberry Summer

Picking blackberries in Tennessee

The humidity on this hot July day must have been around 125 percent as I struggled to get to a large blackberry on the backside of a half-dried-up thorny blackberry bush.

Uncle Sid Spins a Yarn

The story of a preacher and a cat, as can only be told by Uncle Sid.

Harvest Moon Sets the Stage for Fall

I’ve always enjoyed being outside when the Harvest Moon first appears in the fall. It reminds me of days gone by, when we depended on it to give us more time to get our crops harvested.

Why Do They Have to Go and Change Everything?

Change is something that is going to happen, and we all have to get used to it, but I wonder if it has to happen as often as it does.

9 Billion Folks to Feed

By the year 2050 there is going to be 9 billion people to feed instead of the current 6.8 billion – now that’s a lot of Hamburger Hinder.

Pettus Thinks HD TV Must Stand for High-Debt Television

It’s hard to beat Andy and Barney since high-debt TV has arrived at Uncle Sid’s.

What Do You Call Going to Town If You Already Live There?

Pettus reflects on rural life

How To Make a Tomato Sandwich – or Mater Saminch

Tomato Sandwich

Pettus Read explains the difference between Tennessee tomato sandwiches and ‘mater saminches.

Pettus Finds No Privacy at Doctor’s Office

Doctors’ offices offer discretion – but not where it’s needed.

Reminiscing About Daddy’s Old Tractor

tractor, farm, farming

Have you ever worked the field at night, looking to the edge of your tractor lights into the darkness from a tractor seat?

Those Who Get Too Big for Their Britches…

Decades of pants fads don’t suit Pettus.

Springtime Show Known as the Tiller Rodeo

Pettus Read’s new tiller turns his garden into a rodeo.

Nostalgic for Stick Horses and Imagination

In the good old days, a stick horse was a main form of transportation for a six-year-old farm boy, but could it be the stick horse has now become extinct?

Talking Fashion With Uncle Sid

From clothes to tattoos, Uncle Sid has strong opinions about today’s fashion.

Rural Folklore, Superstition and Words of Wisdom

One fact that remains constant in the rural countryside of Tennessee: Folklore and superstitions of one generation continue to be passed down to the next.

An Eyeful of Pettus

Embarrassment would be an understated word for what I felt on a recent trip to the eye doctor.

Is Santa Claus Really a Farmer?

All signs seem to point that Santa Claus is a farmer during his time off from flying around the world giving out toys.

You Might Not Be Country If…

Give yourself this quiz and see if you’re country, too.

Christmas Decorations: Why Do We Do It?

What makes us put giant plastic holiday candles on our front porches, or 8-foot Santas hooked to electric fans and tied down like dirigibles?

Dumpling Disappointment Leads to New Recipes

Being a dumpling connoisseur and one who enjoys the subtleties of good dumplings, I have found people today trying to short-cut the making of dumplings.