To Good Health: Supplements vs. Advantage Plans

See a quick reference to help you understand the differences in Medicare Supplements and Advantage plans.

Member Savings: Awesome Farm Bureau App

The new Farm Bureau app for smartphones puts member savings at your fingertips.

To Good Health: Scale-Tipping Results


Talk to a TRH representative about affordable health plans.

Member Savings: There’s an App for That

Member Savings App

Download the new Farm Bureau Member Savings app today for plenty of deals.

Veg Out with the Recommended Amount of Vegetables

fresh vegetables

Learn the recommended amount of vegetables you need per day for a healthy lifestyle.

Chew on This: Dental Coverage from TRH

Dental coverage

Your teeth age as you do. To help reduce the bite out of your wallet that dental visits and treatment might take, affordable and quality TRH dental coverage is available.

Member Benefits: Members Matter

Learn more about the benefits you get from being a member of the Tennessee Farm Bureau.

Attention, Medicare Shoppers

Visit your TRH representative to find out your best health care options after the passing of the Affordable Care Act.

Beware of ID Theft

ID Theft

Learn more about how Tennessee Farm Bureau members can receive help in the case of ID theft.

Member Benefits: Save on Local Products & Services

Farm Bureau App

You can save on local products and services as part of the Tennessee Farm Bureau Insurance member benefits.

Seven Tips for Seniors on Good Health

Health Tips for Seniors

Follow these simple health tips for seniors to stay well in old age.

Member Benefits: Prescription Drug Discounts

Prescription Drug Discounts

Learn more about member benefits on prescription drug discounts from Tennessee Farm Bureau insurance.

TRH Health Plans: A Message on Medicare

Learn more about Medicare and what it means for you from TRH Health Plans.

TN Farm Bureau Member Benefits: Save on Hotel Stays

Take a look at commonly asked questions from Tennessee Farm Bureau Insurance members concerning hotel stay discounts.

Sleep Better Knowing How to Save Money on Specialty Health Care

Ask questions and shop around when you need a voluntary health treatment, even when using in-network providers.

Sometimes a Lower Price Doesn’t Equal Value

Keep in mind that sometimes true value and the lowest price do not go hand-in-hand.

Dogged Resolve

Puppy problems can’t be solved without old-fashioned chat – much like health-care decisions.

Modern Diagnostic Imaging Tests Health-Care System

Studies consistently show us that as much as one-third of imaging procedures may be inappropriate, and about 20 percent of hospital radiology tests are duplicates.

Handwritten Thank-You Notes Still Meaningful Today

Tennessee Rural Health representative reflects on how meaningful handwritten thank-you notes can be.

TRH Helps Navigate Health-Care Reform Confusion

After passage last March of a massive federal health-care reform law, everyone has tried to put the pieces together and understand the implications.

Plan for Long-Term Care Before You Need It

Experts today tell us if the growth rate of the last 20 years continues, long-term care costs will triple in the next 20 years.

TRH Remembers Health-Care Coverage Values

TRH has offered health plans to Tennesseans for more than 60 years

Do You Have a Health-Care Power of Attorney?

Do you have a health-care power of attorney to allow someone to make health-care decisions for you if you cannot?

Young People Need Health Care, Too

The risks outweigh the costs of being uninsured, even for the younger generation.

Don’t Let Health Care Stress You Out

Ease your mind with Healthwise services from Tennessee Rural Health.

Beware of Medicare Fraud

insurance, woman

If a Medicare deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Health Insurance for College Grads, New Independents

graduation, hat

Family plans allow easy transition from parents’ home to college or career.

Life Insurance Is Nothing To Be Casual About

Bow tie and rose

Some things in life demand more than a casual approach. Life insurance is certainly one of them.

The Importance of Smoke Detectors

A working smoke detector makes a difference and saves lives.