Tennessee-made Habanero Sauces Spice Things Up

July 20, 2009

By admin

A Parrotsville-based farm specializes in growing what many consider to be the hottest pepper on the planet.

Having grown more than 60,000 pounds of habaneros, Big S Farms owner Vance Carter attributes the company’s success to “some of the richest soil in the world.”

Big S Farms Tennessee Habanero Sauce

Located in the foothills of the Smokies, the farm grows dozens of varieties of habaneros to make its all-natural, preservative-free gourmet hot sauce and salsa, which have names such as Tennessee Thunder hot sauce and Smoke on the Mountain salsa. Big S Farms products are available at Food City grocery stores in the Hispanic aisle and select Whole Foods Markets.

You can also purchase their products online at www.bigsfarms.net, where you can also find a variety of recipes that use the healthy habanero.

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  1. Tim Starks says:

    In 2003, I made a trip to Cleveland, TN and ate at Shoney’s where they served a hot sauce made locally that is the best tasting I’ve ever had! All I can remember of the name is that it had something to do with “Hawaii”, but I would be so glad if someone could help put me in touch with that local manufacturer.