Southern Fried Pies by Frankye

June 1, 2006

By Catherine Darnell

Frankye Ward, fried pies

They call them “turnovers” up North, but here in the South, the term “fried pie” describes these no-nonsense little packages of dough and filling quite nicely.

They’re versatile – just about any filling seems to suit – and easy to make if you don’t get too fancy with the recipe. Best of all, the tastiest fried pies use basic ingredients that most good cooks keep on hand.

One of those good cooks is Frankye Ward of Centerville, who has turned her simple but delicious fried pies into a successful seasonal business.

It all started last year when Ward set up a table at the local farmers market to unload (ahem, sell) the jams, jellies, relishes, breads, sweet rolls and other things her overzealous white thumb concocted through the canning season.

Frankye Ward, fried pies

Where To Find Fried Pies
Centerville just might stake a claim as Fried Pie Capital of Tennessee. Not only does Frankye Ward dish up tasty versions at the city’s farmers market, but an enterprising Centerville woman, Carolyn Armstrong, is selling her pies over the Internet.

Mrs. Armstrong’s Fried Pies ships apple, peach, cherry, coconut and chocolate pies all over the country – but only during the cooler months, Sept. 15-May 15 (they reportedly don’t ship well during summer months).

For more information, visit  or call (931) 729-1470.

Sample Frankye’s Homemade Goodies
You can find Frankye Ward’s tasty treats – including her fried pies – at this summer’s Centerville Farmers Market. As of press time, she was planning to sell on Fridays; for more information on the market schedule, call (931) 729-4652.

In addition to her pies, Ward also sells sourdough bread in white and wheat; cinnamon rolls; quart jars of soup mix (some with a pasta base, some with potatoes); strawberry, apple, black cherry, raspberry, peach and blackberry jams and jellies; old-fashioned peach preserves; pear honey; pickles (her squash pickles canned with brown sugar instead of white sugar are hugely popular), and chowchow.

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  1. Joseph M.Mills says:

    What would be the cost of 30 each fried apple,peach,and cherry pies shipped to my address in New Market,Tn.on Sept.30.2011

  2. Jessy Yancey says:


    We did this story a while back. Try this website for more information on cost and shipping:

    Jessy Yancey

  3. Robert A Vlosich says:

    Searching For The ” Old – Fashioned” Fried Pies That I Enjoyed In My Childhood Probably Made With La rd For that Excellent Fried Flavor. Would Very Much Appreciate Info Regarding How I Could Order The Pies,The Flavors Available And The Cost To Order, Also Any Descriptive Flyers That Could Be Mailed To Me In Wisconsin. Thank You For Your Help.

  4. mary ann holmes says:

    hi, I would love to have some really good home made fried apple pies or fried turnovers, please email or call me with more information on how to purchase these wonderful looking pies! phone number is 321 208 5247, they are hard to find down here where im from