Pointer Brand is Right on Point

February 8, 2013

By Rachel Bertone

Pointer Brand

Back in 1913, champion bird dog breeder Landon Clayton King founded Pointer Brand to fit a need for tough, durable overalls and jeans. Having lasted through four generations, two floods and a fire, the Bristol-based business still operates out of its original downtown location.

Its parent company, L.C. King Manufacturing, was recently named one of the “Top 300 Businesses of the South” by Business Leader magazine.

The proud American company celebrates a century of business in 2013. One hundred years later, Pointer still provides farmers with sturdy jeans, coveralls, coats and more. For more information, visit www.pointerbrand.com.

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  1. jerry nuckolls says:

    I am 6′ 9″ and weigh 255 with a 40′ waist and 38″ inseam.
    Do you make a custom jean that size and if so, how much are they?
    Jerry Nuckolls