Kingsport Carousel Project Spins On

January 7, 2013

By Rachel Bertone

The Kingsport Carousel Project, which is three years in the making, has more than 70 volunteers carving and painting 35 animals and 2 chariots for the town’s first hand-carved carousel. We recently visited the hardworking community and talked to them about their reasoning and progress with the project. Watch below and read more about the project here.

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  1. Nancy glass says:

    Most beautiful thing…

    • Jane Swan says:

      Wonderful project, beautiful workmanship. Truly inspiring story of what can be
      accomplished to fulfill a dream when people work together. Thanks for sharing

  2. Marcy W. Hagen says:

    This is wonderful! Thank you for letting us see the progress on this beautiful project.

  3. Jason says:

    Fantastic! What a great story and a labor of love

  4. Paul Miller says:

    I rode the carousel in Ross Park, Binghamton,NY,1940 thru 1947. It was one of my earliest life recollections having been born and raised a few blocks up Conklin Ave from there. There was also a small zoo where from the big kids’ swings you could almost (imagine) flying off into the lions den! Life was magic and sweet and so was the music on that carousel. (Of course, little did tots know about WWII except for the uniforms when one of the hundreds of lonely lucky ladies got a visit from her man.

    This airman couldn’t conceal his joy at seeing the ‘old friend from home’ Endicott-Johnson stamp on the new low quarter shoes issued way down at Lackland AFB a dozen years later!

    Rest assured your labors of love will reverberate in some grown-up kid’s heart a hundred years from now, as he remembers your carousel as well.

    “Thanks for the memories”, Mr., and Mrs. Joh, and all y’all.