6 Plants Thomas Jefferson Grew That You Can Grow Today

Thomas Jefferson Gardens

Model your garden after Monticello with these six plants Thomas Jefferson grew that you can grow today.

Lessons From Thomas Jefferson’s Garden

Photo courtesy of Patrick Green

Learn gardening lessons from Thomas Jefferson, our founding farmer.

Plant Mums This Fall


See helpful tips for planting mums in your garden this fall.

Saving Herbs for Fall and Winter

Saving Herbs

Get fresh flavors in the fall and winter by freezing or drying your summer herbs.

Petunia Planting Pointers

Petunia pointers

See petunia planting tips from Oma’s Antik Haus owners and expert growers, Jerry and Fay McDaniel.

Floral Furnishings at Oma’s Antik Haus

Oma's Antik Haus

Pretty purple petunias attract attention to Oma’s Antik Haus.

DIY: Mason Jar Herb Garden

DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden

Grow your own fresh herbs this year with our easy, DIY Mason jar herb garden.

Savor Seasonal Fare Throughout the Year

Savoring the Seasons

Enjoy the taste of seasonal vegetables from your garden year-round.

Party Planting at the Summer Celebration

Summer Celebration, Jackson

Expect the unexpected at the annual Tennessee Summer Celebration Lawn and Garden Show in Jackson.

Grow Your Green Thumb at Blooms Days Garden Festival

Blooms Day

Visit garden workshops and demonstrations at the 11th Annual Blooms Days Garden Festival and Marketplace.

Tomato-Growing Tips

tomato tips

Get helpful tips for planting tomatoes from Alainia Hagerty, owner of Tomato Baby Co. in Brighton.

In Bloom: See and Taste Early Signs of Spring in the Garden

Spring gardening

See and taste the early signs of spring in and around the garden.

Three-Step Lettuce Garden

Lettuce garden

Learn how to plant your own lettuce garden in three easy steps.

How to Grow Herbs Indoors

Growing Herbs Indoors

Learn how to grow herbs indoors for fresh flavor year-round.

Winter Garden To-Do List

Winter gardening

Learn which tasks to tackle during winter gardening in November, December and January.

Canning 101

Canning 101

Preserve your summer bounty by canning fresh produce.

Fall Into Gardening

Fall Gardening

Protect your garden from cool weather with these helpful fall gardening tips.

Tips for Harvesting for Summer Veggies

harvesting summer squash

Read gardening expert P. Allen Smith’s tips on how to tell when to harvest summer vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers and squash.

Homegrown Groceries: Fruit and Vegetable Container Gardening

Homegrown Groceries

Learn how to grow fruits and veggies in containers, raised beds and window boxes.

Summer Water Works

Summer Water Works

Keep your grass and garden alive this summer with these simple tips on watering.

Gather in the Gardens During Knoxville’s Blooms Days

This annual event features perennials, too. Visitors can also learn about trends in landscaping, lawn management and garden design at the Blooms Days 2013, which takes place Mother’s Day weekend in Knoxville.

Worm Works Helps Fertilize Tennessee Gardens

Worm Works Fertlizer

Worm Works fertilizer is a natural, organic way for gardeners to give their plants the nutrients they need.

Memphis Botanic Garden Features a Variety of Herbs, Daylilies and More

Daylily Circle at Memphis Botanic Garden

Overflowing with gorgeous color and landscaping, the 96-acre property at Memphis Botanic Garden, located right next to the University of Memphis, dazzles visitors with 28 specialty gardens, providing an in-depth look at a variety of flowers, plants and trees.

7 Tips To Get Started on Edible Landscaping

Photo courtesy of Dr. Sue Hamilton

Inspired to incorporate some edibles into your home landscape? Here’s how to do it.

Edible Landscaping: How to Eat Your Yard

Edible Landscaping

Try the new gardening technique that incorporates edible plants into landscaping.

Brighten Your Garden with Winter-Flowering Shrubs

Arnold Promise Witchhazel

Japanese cornel dogwood and hybrid witch hazel are perfect winter-flowering shrubs to brighten up any landscape.

Fall Into Gardening: Plant Trees and Shrubs in Autumn Months

Plant Trees and Shrubs in Autumn Months

Plant your new trees and shrubs in October, when dormant plants will be under less stress, for successful growth.

Falling for Flowers at Willow Oaks Flower Farm

Fall Flowers at Willow Oaks Flower Farm in Brownsville, Tennessee

Make your fall landscape pop with an abundance of flower choices from Willow Oaks Flower Farm in Brownsville.

USDA Unveils New Plant Hardiness Zone Map

Tennessee Plant Hardiness Zone Map

Learn about the USDA’s new plant hardiness zone map, which is the standard by which gardeners can determine what plants are most likely to endure winter temperatures at a given location.

Mobile App Lends High-Tech Help to Gardeners

UT Master Gardener Faye Beck uses IPMLite mobile application

IPMLite, a mobile applications developed by the UT Institute of Agriculture, helps gardeners with pest control, how-to info, pruning schedules and more.

Companion Gardening: Interplanting Flowers, Veggies, Fruits and Herbs

An container Garden with a tomato plant and marigolds

Interplanting flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruits creates some benefits that enhance the overall success of my garden.

Garden of Hope Teaches Skills, Commitment

Garden of Hope Project for Inmates

Inmates at the Rutherford County Adult Detention Center planted the Garden of Hope in March 2011, spending around three hours each morning working to see their garden grow.

Daylilies in Delano

Tennessee Home & Farm Summer 2012Short Row

The perfect perennials are on display at Delano Daylilies.

Mulch: A Gardener’s Guide

Mulch around a plant

Mulch. You know it’s good for your landscape, but with so many choices, how do you choose which one to use?

Hedge Fun: Shrubbery Throughout the Year

Chinese snowball shrub

Whether valued for their foliage or their flowers, used in foundation planting or as screens, shrubs are an integral component in any landscape. Here are my favorites, divided by season.

Soil Testing Offered by UT Extension

The University of Tennessee Extension offers an affordable basic soil test so gardeners can learn the proper amount of lime and fertilizer needed for lawns and gardens.

Turn Your Backyard Into a Wildlife Habitat

Wildlife habitat

Gardening for wildlife is a great way to enhance your landscape, create a fun project for you and your family, and contribute to local conservation efforts.

Moles and Voles in the Garden, Oh My!

Mole tunnel

These critters can wreak havoc on lawns and gardens, but control depends upon which you have. So how do you know if you’re fighting moles or voles?

Rain Barrels to the Rescue

Rain Barrels

Learn how to save water for a sunny day with rain barrels and rain gardens.

Prepare for a Noisy Spring With the Return of 13-Year Cicadas

Cicada nymph emerging

Periodical cicadas will return to Tennessee in early May, bringing with them a shrill song and the potential for damage to young trees and plants.

Bug Off! Natural Ways to Prevent Insects in Your Garden

Master gardener shares her tips for natural remedies prevent garden pests.

Plant Chili Peppers to Spice Up Your Garden

Chilly Chili Peppers – miniature chile peppers

Red-hot chili peppers please the eye and the palate.

Thyme To Plant Your Herb Garden

Read our tips for planting herbs this spring, and share your herb gardening experience.

House Calls for John Deere Mowers

John Deere, tractors

The arrival of spring means it’s time to break out the lawn mower and tackle your lawn.

Stop and Smell the Tennessee Irises at Ellington Agricultural Center

Iris Garden at Ellington Agricultural Center

In a peaceful clearing on the spacious grounds of Ellington Agriculture Center in Nashville, irises of more than a hundred varieties and colors pop up from the ground every spring.

How to Prune Peach Trees

Peach Tree

Learn how to prune peach trees by following these simple tips.

Grow Backyard Veggies With This Space-Efficient Gardening Guide


Don’t think you have enough space to grow your own veggies? Think again. Raised-bed gardening allows you to concentrate soil preparation in a small area, resulting in the efficient use of soil amendments and an ideal environment for vegetable growth.

5 Great Gifts for Gardeners

Good gifts for gardeners include gloves and gardening tools.

Here’s what our gardening guru would love to see under her own tree.

Farmer’s Almanac: The Perfect Present

The Old Farmer's Almanac 2011

Farmer’s Almanac makes a good gift for any gardener.

Tennessee is a Haven for Holly Plants


The holly family is huge, with hundreds of selections existing for almost every landscape situation. They make popular landscape plants because they are easy to grow.

Plant a Dogwood Tree for Every Season

Dogwood Tree

Beautify your landscape any time of the year with a species of this flowering tree and shrub

The Joys of Suburban Gardening

Suburban gardening

Plant a garden in your backyard and watch the happiness grow.

Business Is Blooming at Myers Greenhouse

Myers Greenhouse in Bulls Gap, TN

Myers Greenhouse in Bulls Gap can help just about anyone start a bountiful garden.

Green Tips for Eco-Friendly Gardening

gardening, flowers

Tips for growing an eco-friendly garden, including natural pest control, using rain barrels and composting.

4 Healthy Benefits of Eating Garden-Fresh Produce

Reasons to eat fresh fruit and vegetables from your garden or local farm include phytochemicals, increased energy and reduced weight gain.

Rollins Farms’ Soil Conditioner Helps Your Garden Grow

Rollins Farm in Giles County sells a compost called R-GROW, a mixture of natural waste and fresh wood shavings, blending carbon and nitrogen to emit as little odor as possible.

3 Ways Gardening Benefits the Mind


Gardening can lower blood pressure and reduce depression as well as nurture creativity and positivity.

Gardening Workout Burns Calories

garden, gardening

Find out how many calories you burn by weeding, raking and other gardening tasks.

Add Color to Your Evergreen Landscaping

Colorful Conifer Trees and Shrubs

Evergreen varieties in shades of yellow, plum and blue add color to your winter landscape.

Growing and Cooking With Lemon Balm

lemon balm

Easy lemon balm deserves a place in any herb garden.

3 Ways To Preserve Fresh Flowers

dried flowers

Three easy ways to dry and preserve fresh flowers: air-drying, pressing and framing, and microwaving flowers. (Yes, you read that correctly.)

Giants Among Pumpkins at Allardt Festival

Allardt, TN: Home of Giant Pumpkins

Good seeds, good dirt and good luck pay off in Allardt, home to the Great Pumpkin Festival and Weigh-off.

A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Vines

vines, flowers, garden

Plant a variety of vines in your garden to liven up your landscape.

Heirloom Seed Preservation and Heritage Horticulture

gardening, flowers

Plant heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables for seed preservation – and because heritage varieties simply taste better.

Moon Gardening Guide


Use lunar cycles to know what and when to plant.

Tennessee Tomato Queen Sells Heirloom Seeds

Marianne Jones of Dickson, TN tomatoes

Marianne Jones doesn’t grow just any old tomato – she’s out to grow every old tomato.

Wonderful Wildflower and Native Plants

Bloodroot Flowers

Nothing is more delightful than Tennessee in springtime, when the gray-brown woods of winter seem to burst into vivid color almost overnight.

Go Container Plant Crazy

container plant

Container gardening can add beauty and creativity to your plants and landscaping.