Grab A Goo Goo at Fontanel

May 16, 2013

By Rachel Bertone

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Tennessee’s own delicious combination candy now has its own official retail store.

Goo Goo Cluster has just opened a location on the grounds at Fontanel in Nashville, called the Goo Goo Outpost. The store is selling all Goo Goo products, a few other nostalgic candies and Bravo Gelato, including two new flavors inspired by the Goo Goo Cluster.

Fontanel is the mansion formerly home to country star Barbara Mandrell, now a tourist destination that features an outdoor amphitheater, zip lines, a disc golf course and now, the Goo Goo Outpost.

Can’t get enough of the Goo Goo? Discover more about the candy’s Tennessee history and try out the scrumptious Goo Goo Cluster Pie, inspired by the candy.

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  1. jacob l hall sr says:

    I have eat goo goo cluster’s since i was a “widdle” boy~~

  2. Cathy Dalton says:


  3. Mary Jackson says:

    Can’t get enough of those Goo Goo candy bars!