Go Nuts Over Dyersburg’s Pennington Gourmet Pecans

October 7, 2009

By admin

Pennington Gourmet Pecans, nuts

Christmas comes but once a year – and so do Pennington Gourmet Pecans.

Founded in the West Tennessee community of Gates in 1971, Pennington Seed and Supply Co. relocated to downtown Dyersburg three years later. The company’s gourmet pecans debuted in 1991 and have since been featured in Southern Living.

Available only from Nov. 1 through Christmas, the pecans come in more than 20 flavors, from Chocolate Amaretto and Cinnamon Sprinkle to Canal Street Cajun and Pennster’s Garlic. In addition to the gift boxes, tins and baskets of pecans, they also offer jellies, cobblers, soups and country hams. For more information about Pennington Gourmet Pecans, visit their website or call (800) 479-6355.

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  1. Glenda Morris says:

    Please call me..I would like to place an order for some clients. I am a loan officer for First Community Bank’s Mortgage Division. Brentwood,TN ..615-482-6012.. saw you on Tennessee Crossroads. Thank you

  2. Peggy Byard says:

    Do you sale whole pecans by the pound? We saw you all on Tennessee Crossroads. We live in N. Ms. and wondered if it would be worth the drive.
    Thank you

  3. Mike Pennington (No Relation) says:

    I have been buying the 7 Pecan Sampler for my customers at Christmas for the last 3 years. Customer response is great, they can’t wait till next year. I have an Oilfield Service business, and what makes my Customers Happy, in the long run, will make me Happy!