Go for the Gold Bond Lotion

December 1, 2007

By admin

Many people remember seeing Gold Bond Medicated Powder in their grandparents’ medicine cabinet, but Tennessee-made Gold Bond products are showing up everywhere these days. The 100-year-old skincare products company, owned by Chattem Inc. in Chattanooga, has a new line.

Gold Bond Ultimate™ Softening and Gold Bond Ultimate™ Healing Skin Therapy Lotions are helping to boost the brand’s ranking in the hand-and-body lotion market.

Of course, the ultimate test of Gold Bond Ultimate™ is the consumer. Many people say the fresh-scented, vitamin-enriched lotion is “uniquely different” and softens skin without greasiness.

Gold Bond products are available at stores nationwide.

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  1. Dorothy Moore says:

    I tried the Gold Bond Ultimate lotion with Aloe last year and will not use anything else now. I leave it in my bathroom and my friends who try it always comment about how much they like it. I have referred many people to use this product and their comments are always positive. Thank you for reseaching and finding a lotion that works. Even my 100 year old mother uses it. As the kids use to say, It’s the Bomb!