Feeling Saucy at Phil’s Dream Pit

BBQ sauce

Phil’s Dream Pit in Kingsport makes two tasty barbecue sauces, including Sweet Fire and Original Sweet.

Alley Cat Tea

Alley Cat Tea

Grab an ice cold glass of Alley Cat Tea this summer – marketed as “The Original Fruit Tea.”

Woodsgift Farm Spreads Good Taste

Woodsgift Farm Jams and Jellies

Woodsgift Farm makes delicious jams, jellies, butters and more.

Pick Tennessee Products Launches New Website

pick tn products app

Pick Tennessee Products redesigned its website and is launching a mobile app to help consumers find local products.

TN Product: BittaSweet Cookies

BittaSweet Cookies

Visit BittaSweet Cookies in Brentwood, Tenn., for homemade treats like peanut butter and jam cookies and oatmeal stout cookies.

Tennessee: The Chocolate State

Chocolate Makers in Tennessee

Find artisan chocolatiers and candy makers across the state to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Strawberry Sheet Cake: The Recipe That Went Viral

Country Classics - strawberry cake

Karen Norton’s Strawberry Sheet Cake Recipe has taken off with over 250,000 views and 76 comments. See the baker’s reaction on her recipe’s popularity.

The Best Batch from Batch Nashville

TruBee Honey

Discover Batch Nashville, a new business providing artisan goods, delivered to your doorstep.

Zuzu’s Joy

Zuzu's Joy

Find handmade mixes for dips, desserts, soups, hot beverages and fruit teas from Tennessee-based company, Zuzu’s Joy.

Frozen Desserts: Summer Treats to Beat the Heat

Peaches N Cream Freezer Pie

Cool off this summer with recipes for ice pops, freezer pies, unusual ice cream flavors and other frozen desserts using Tennessee products.

Chow Down on Tennessee Chow-Chow

Tennessee Chow Chow

Add some flavor to your hot dog or bologna with sweet and spicy Tennessee Chow-Chow.

What is Sorghum?


Learn more about sorghum and what distinguishes it from molasses.

Grab A Goo Goo at Fontanel

Photo courtesy of googoo.com

Delight in Tennessee’s original candy creation at the new Goo Goo Cluster retail store at Fontanel mansion.

Goo Goo for Goo Goo Clusters

Goo Goo Clusters Made in TN

In 1912, Standard Candy Co. in Nashville made confectionery history by inventing the world’s first combination candy bar, the Goo Goo Cluster.

Mouthwatering Marinade Made in Tennessee

Allegro Marinade

Allegro Marinade, processed in Paris, Tennessee, is perfect for the spring grilling season.

Pointer Brand is Right on Point

Pointer Brand

Bristol, TN based clothing company, Pointer Brand, is celebrating a century of business in 2013.

Tennessee Restaurants Go Farm to Fork

Farm to Fork Restaurants

Restaurants across the state grow their own farm-fresh ingredients.

Tennessee Sorghum Makes the World a Sweeter Place

Sorghum from Muddy Pond in Tennessee

It isn’t Tennessee’s biggest cash crop, but when it comes to taste, nothing’s sweeter than old- fashioned sorghum.

Celebrate Fruitcake with Sunshine Hollow Bakery

Pecan Fruitcake from Sunshine Hollow Bakery

Don’t miss your chance at one of Sunshine Hollow Bakery’s famous pecan fruitcake this holiday.

Adams Family Uses Orchard Fresh Apples in Favorite Recipe

Apple Pie Bread

Shade Tree Farms in Adams, Tennessee uses their orchard fresh apples in one of their favorite recipes, Apple Pie Bread.

Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Celebrates Sweet Success

Olive and Sinclair Chocolate in Nashville

Scott Witherow, owner of Olive & Sinclair chocolate, celebrates success of his Nashville-based artisan chocolate business.

Flour Power

White Lily and Martha White Flour

Two major flour companies, White Lily and Martha White, are headquartered in Tennessee.

Spreading Good Taste with Cunningham Farms

Cunningham Farms' Sweet Potato Butter

Devour sweet fall flavors on a warm biscuit or over ice cream with Cunningham Farms’ Sweet Potato Butter.

Apple Butter: Comfort in a Jar

Old-Fashioned Apple Butter in Crossville

Carrying on the family tradition of making apple butter gave new life to a Crossville woman.

Nashville’s Crowd Goes Wild for The Pasta Shoppe

The Pasta Shoppe in Nashville, Tennessee

Find your favorite college football team in the form of a pasta at Nashville-based The Pasta Shoppe. Liven your pasta salad with noodles in team colors and mascot shapes.

Enter to Win THF’s Tennessee Products Giveaway

Pick Tennessee Products

We’re giving away an assortment of products made right here in Tennessee! From fresh pasta from The Pasta Shoppe, to Tennessee’s famous Chow-Chow, to Allegro marinade – this is a delicious prize.

Gourmet Marshmallows From Bang Candy Co.

The Bang Candy Company is based in Nashville, TN.

With flavors such as Chocolate Chile, Orange Ginger Cinnamon and Rose Cardamom, these marshmallows are big, puffy and uniquely delicious.

Hams for the Holidays

Looking for information about Tennessee country hams? You’ve come to the right place.

Tennessee Prosciutto: Tennshootoe Gains Favor, Flavor With Chefs

From prosciutto to Tennshootoe: If you put salt on a ham in Tennessee and you put salt on a ham in Tuscany, we’re going to come out with a similar product.

The Hamery: 4-H Members Learn to Cure Country Hams

County Ham

The Hamery in Murfreesboro cures and sells about 1,500 hams a year, and owner Bob Woods shares the tradition of curing country hams with 4-H’ers.

TN Farm Fresh: Viola Valley Berry Farm

Viola Valley Berry Farm

Even as the weather turns cold and the leaves fall from the trees, you can still enjoy products you love fresh from the farm.

‘Tis the Season for Doug Jeffords Seasonings

Doug Jeffords’ delicious sausage seasonings first earned a reputation in Middle Tennessee in the early 1960s – and the Franklin-based company has been growing ever since.

Learn the Difference Between Shrimp and Prawns at Freshwater Farm

Freshwater Prawns

Although prawns and shrimp appear to be very similar, that’s not exactly the case.

Sweet on the Bonnie Blue

Bonnie Blue Inn

Every bed-and-breakfast offers a special touch that sets it apart from the competition. At the Bonnie Blue Inn in McMinnville, that little something extra comes in a jar.

Cumberland Valley Coffee Co. Roasted in Tennessee

Cumberland Valley Coffee Co. in Greenbrier offers an impressive selection of coffees from around the globe, and they are fresh-roasted to order in Tennessee.

Give Your Valentine a Rose-Petal Popsicle From Las Paletas

paletas, popsciles

One of the most unusual, and popular, popsicle flavors concocted by the Las Paletas owners is rose-petal.

Candy Cane Baskets Bring Sweet Success

Ken and Mike Ratliff, Ratliff Candy Company, TN

Bristol, TN candy-makers’ edible candy cane baskets taste as good as they look.

Three Cheers for Tennessee Chocolates!

chocolate, caramel, truffles

Tennessee chocolate companies across the state are perfecting their delicious delicacies.

Bacon Popcorn From the Loveless

Loveless Cafe Bacon Popcorn

Loveless Café’s Piggy Popcorn And I Don’t Share is a sweet and salty marriage of caramel corn and bacon.

Toffee Time in Tennessee

Toffee, candy, Nashville Toffee Company

Open since 2003, the Nashville Toffee Co. offers almond toffee, chocolate bark and chocolate lover’s packages.

Go Nuts Over Dyersburg’s Pennington Gourmet Pecans

Pennington Gourmet Pecans, nuts

Christmas comes but once a year – and so do Dyersburg’s Pennington Gourmet Pecans.

Twin Forks Farm Artisan Bread Has Hearth and Soul

David Tannen of Twin Forks Farm

Twin Forks Farm artisan baker David Tannen makes bread the ancient way at his Primm Springs farm in Tennessee.

Tennessee-made Habanero Sauces Spice Things Up

Big S Farms Tennessee Habanero Sauce

A Parrotsville-based farm specializes in growing what many consider to be the hottest pepper on the planet.

Amey B’s Cookie Delights Are a Real Treat

Amy B's Cookies, cookies

A Nashville woman turned her grandmother’s recipes into a successful cookie business.

Don’t Forget a Tennessee Gift Basket

Tennessee T-Cakes

A Basket to Remember, based in Gallatin, offers gift baskets filled with goodies for any occasion.

Cafe Nonna Sells Pasta Sauces for a Cure

Caffe Nonna’s jars of marinara and arrabiata sauces – available online and through retail stores – help benefit St. Jude’s.

Benton’s: The Best Hams in Tennessee

Country Ham in Tennessee

Benton’s Smoky Mountain Hams are slow-cured with salt and brown sugar, creating a mouth-watering flavor that has won praise across the nation.