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Thanks for preparing to submit your event to Tennessee Home & Farm. Before submitting, please review our submission guidelines below.

Please Note: Due to the high volume of event submissions, we cannot guarantee that all listings submitted will be included in our print magazine. Please submit your listings as far in advance as possible. Our deadlines for print are as follows:
Winter (December, January, February)
Events for print are due September 1

Spring (March, April, May)
Events for print are due December 1

Summer (June, July, August)
Events for print are due March 1

Fall (September, October, November)
Events for print are due June 1

Submission Guidelines:

  • Public Events: All events must be open to the public. Invitation/member-only events will not be accepted.
  • Location: Events must take place in Tennessee. Unfortunately, we cannot list events for other locations at this time.
  • All events will be reviewed and, if accepted, considered for inclusion in print and online. We have a limited amount of space in print, so we cannot guarantee your event will be included in the magazine unless you purchase an ad.
  • Tennessee Home & Farm/Journal Communications reserves the right to revise, reject or cancel, in whole or in part, any listing for any reason. Please contact if you have questions about these guidelines or the event submission process.

Tennessee Home & Farm accepts the following events:

  • festivals
  • food/culinary
  • historical/re-enactments
  • agricultural/agritourism
  • home and garden shows
  • fairs
  • large, multicounty yard sales
  • holiday celebrations
  • arts, music and culture

Tennessee Home & Farm does not include:

  • events outside of Tennessee
  • virtual events without a designated location
  • theatrical performances (if unrelated to a larger festival)
  • religious services (if unrelated to a larger festival)
  • political events
  • entrepreneurial, networking and/or recruitment events
  • calls for entry or vendor solicitations
  • events related to alcoholic beverages
  • “adult” oriented entertainment or salacious content

This form is to be used to submit events to Tennessee Home & Farm ONLY. (If you are interested in suggesting a story idea, please email

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Primary contact for readers to call for more information about the event.

Please use the format (123) 456-7890


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