Fall Decorating Services Offer Picture-Perfect Pumpkins

Fall decorating services

Tennessee farms provide fall decorating services for homeowners.

Centennial Celebration for the Tennessee Division of Forestry

Tennessee Forestry

The Tennessee Division of Forestry is celebrating 100 years in 2014.

William Haskell Neal is the King of Corn

Dent Corn

William Haskell Neal changed the face of farming in Tennessee with his invention of Paymaster Corn.

Peachy Ponderings: From Tree to Table


Discover how summertime peaches get from the tree to the table, then see some of our favorite peach recipes.

Petunia Planting Pointers

Petunia pointers

See petunia planting tips from Oma’s Antik Haus owners and expert growers, Jerry and Fay McDaniel.

Party Planting at the Summer Celebration

Summer Celebration, Jackson

Expect the unexpected at the annual Tennessee Summer Celebration Lawn and Garden Show in Jackson.

‘Ramp’ Up for a Good Festival

ramp festival

Follow your nose to the Cosby Ramp Festival, where the garlicky wild ramp plant reigns supreme.

Three-Step Lettuce Garden

Lettuce garden

Learn how to plant your own lettuce garden in three easy steps.

Pick the Perfect Pine

Pine needles

Pick the perfect, fresh Christmas trees from growers across the state.

Have a Boll at Lincoln County Farm

Lincoln County Cotton

Ogle Farm in Lincoln County invites visitors to their farm for a day of old-fashioned cotton picking.

Annual Pumpkin Field Day in Jackson, TN

Pumpkin Harvest Display in Jackson, TN

See more than 70 varieties of pumpkins at the Pumpkin Harvest Display in Jackson

What is Sorghum?


Learn more about sorghum and what distinguishes it from molasses.

Tennessee Sorghum Makes the World a Sweeter Place

Sorghum from Muddy Pond in Tennessee

It isn’t Tennessee’s biggest cash crop, but when it comes to taste, nothing’s sweeter than old- fashioned sorghum.

Brighten Your Garden with Winter-Flowering Shrubs

Arnold Promise Witchhazel

Japanese cornel dogwood and hybrid witch hazel are perfect winter-flowering shrubs to brighten up any landscape.

Mobile App Lends High-Tech Help to Gardeners

UT Master Gardener Faye Beck uses IPMLite mobile application

IPMLite, a mobile applications developed by the UT Institute of Agriculture, helps gardeners with pest control, how-to info, pruning schedules and more.

Peachy Keen at Jones Orchard

peach tree, Jones Orchard, TN

Jones Orchard, located in the West Tennessee town of Millington, grows peaches and other fruit to Memphis area consumers.

Garden of Hope Teaches Skills, Commitment

Garden of Hope Project for Inmates

Inmates at the Rutherford County Adult Detention Center planted the Garden of Hope in March 2011, spending around three hours each morning working to see their garden grow.

Relishing Rhubarb and More at Seven Springs Farm

Seven Springs Farm in Tennessee grows rhubarb and onions

Do you like rhubarb? My first time trying this plant was at Seven Springs Farm in Maynardville, Tennessee, and it was sweet, tart and delicious.

Daylilies in Delano

Tennessee Home & Farm Summer 2012Short Row

The perfect perennials are on display at Delano Daylilies.

Tennessee Tomatoes May Come Early This Year

All winter we have been thinking about that wonderful homegrown tomato. This year, we may be getting our farm-fresh tomatoes a little bit early.

Mulch: A Gardener’s Guide

Mulch around a plant

Mulch. You know it’s good for your landscape, but with so many choices, how do you choose which one to use?

Tennessee Nurseries by the Numbers

McMinnville, Nursery Capital, USA

Tennessee ranks eighth in the nation in total gross sales of nursery producing states. Read on for more interesting nursery stats.

McMinnville, Tennessee: Nursery Capital of the World

Four M Greenhouses in McMinnville, Tennessee.

McMinnville’s 300-plus nurseries grow everything from cherry and apple trees to perennials and evergreens.

Hedge Fun: Shrubbery Throughout the Year

Chinese snowball shrub

Whether valued for their foliage or their flowers, used in foundation planting or as screens, shrubs are an integral component in any landscape. Here are my favorites, divided by season.

Soil Testing Offered by UT Extension

The University of Tennessee Extension offers an affordable basic soil test so gardeners can learn the proper amount of lime and fertilizer needed for lawns and gardens.

Yams vs. Sweet Potatoes: What’s the Difference?

sweet potatoes

Did you think yams and sweet potatoes were the same vegetable? Well, you’re not alone – it’s a fairly common mistake for Americans to refer to certain varieties of sweet potatoes as yams. Find out the difference between the two.

Mountain View Orchard: The Apples of Their Eyes

Jack Bailey picks apples at Mountain View Orchard in TN

Mountain View Orchard in Sevierville offers apple varieties and sweet family memories.

Allardt Celebrates Years of Great Pumpkins

Allardt Pumpkin Festival

Ever seen a 1,331-pound pumpkin? That was the new state record set at last year’s Great Pumpkin Festival and Weigh-Off.

Turf Talk: UT Partners With Astroturf

Which is the safer sports field, synthetic turf or real grass? A new partnership between the University of Tennessee and Astroturf aims to figure that out.

Scott Strawberry and Tomato Farms: Where the Red Fruits Grow

TN Tomato festivals

In the beautiful mountains of Unicoi County, you can find a bounty of fresh strawberries, tomatoes and more at Scott Strawberry and Tomato Farms.

Prepare for a Noisy Spring With the Return of 13-Year Cicadas

Cicada nymph emerging

Periodical cicadas will return to Tennessee in early May, bringing with them a shrill song and the potential for damage to young trees and plants.

Plant Chili Peppers to Spice Up Your Garden

Chilly Chili Peppers – miniature chile peppers

Red-hot chili peppers please the eye and the palate.

How to Prune Peach Trees

Peach Tree

Learn how to prune peach trees by following these simple tips.

Iris City Gardens Primm Springs

Iris Garden at Ellington Agricultural Center

Located in Primm Springs, about 45 minutes southwest of Nashville, Iris City Gardens grows a variety of species of irises and open their gardens to the public each spring.

Tennessee Teacher Wins National Ag Award

Beverly Hall of Baxter has been named AG CONNECT Expo “Ag Woman of the Year.”

Holiday Fun Facts: Mistletoe

We’ve used mistletoe as an excuse to steal holiday kisses for centuries, but do you know the origin of the well-loved tradition?

Tennessee is a Haven for Holly Plants


The holly family is huge, with hundreds of selections existing for almost every landscape situation. They make popular landscape plants because they are easy to grow.

TN Farm Fresh: Apple Valley Orchards

Apple Valley Orchards

This 40-acre farm has more than 12,000 trees and 25 different varieties of apples

Saving the American Chestnut Trees

The American chestnut once dominated Tennessee forests. But in the early 1900s, a blight almost entirely wiped out the species.

Business Is Blooming at Myers Greenhouse

Myers Greenhouse in Bulls Gap, TN

Myers Greenhouse in Bulls Gap can help just about anyone start a bountiful garden.

Tree Improvement Program Fosters the Forestry

The University of Tennessee’s Tree Improvement Program (UT-TIP) has spent the past half-century to “faithfully improve and protect the forests.

Get the Facts on Firewood


Softwood or hardwood? Maple or pine?

Growing and Cooking With Lemon Balm

lemon balm

Easy lemon balm deserves a place in any herb garden.

Where to Buy Chestnuts in Tennessee

mixed nuts

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire – an unlikely image in Tennessee.

Giants Among Pumpkins at Allardt Festival

Allardt, TN: Home of Giant Pumpkins

Good seeds, good dirt and good luck pay off in Allardt, home to the Great Pumpkin Festival and Weigh-off.

Farm Facts: Cotton


Cotton in Tennessee is a big cash crop – literally, since the cotton is used to make dollar bills. Want to learn more farm facts about cotton?