Turkey Talk: Facts About Turkeys

turkey facts

Discover interesting facts about turkeys, just in time for Thanksgiving.

Farm Facts: Dairy

Farm Facts Dairy

See fun facts about Tennessee’s dairy industry for National Dairy Month in June.

Farm Facts: Farmers Markets

Farmers Markets

Take a look at interesting facts about seasonal farmers markets across the U.S.

Farm Facts: Pork

Farm Facts: Pork

Brush up on facts about pork – the world’s most widely eaten meat.

Tennessee’s Top Five

TN top commodities

Learn the top five agricultural commodities in Tennessee.

Celebrate International Bacon Day With These Facts and Recipes

Bacon-Wrapped Green Bean Bundles

Americans celebrate National Bacon Day Sept. 3, and it’s no wonder — the average American will eat more than 17 pounds of bacon each year. Check out these other facts and some delicious bacon recipes including Maple Brown Sugar Bacon and Mini Bacon, Basil and Tomato Sandwiches.

Farm Facts: Apples

Farm Facts: Apples

Did you know that apples are produced in all parts of Tennessee? Learn more facts and stats about apples.

How to Pick a Watermelon

How to Pick a Watermelon

Learn how to pick a watermelon at its peak from your local farmers market or roadside stand.

Farm Facts: Tomatoes

Farm Facts: Tomatoes

Learn fun facts about tomatoes – Tennessee’s top vegetable crop in production value.

Did You Know: What Is the Average Age of a U.S. Farmer?

Age of US Farmer

Think you know the average age of America’s farmers? It may be different than what you think.

Farm Facts: Strawberries

Farm Facts: Strawberries

Learn fun facts and get delicious recipes featuring a springtime staple: strawberries.

National Ag Day: A Rite of Spring

Each year around the first day of spring, the Agriculture Council of America throws a nationwide celebration.

Apple Facts and Recipes for the Fall Harvest

Apple Facts and Recipes

Celebrate the fall apple harvest with delicious recipes and interesting facts about this all-American fruit.

Celebrate April’s National Garlic Month With These Fun Facts

Facts about garlic

Did you know garlic is both a vegetable and an herb? April is National Garlic Month (Garlic Day is April 19) and we’re celebrating with a few garlic fun facts.

Yams vs. Sweet Potatoes: What’s the Difference?

sweet potatoes

Did you think yams and sweet potatoes were the same vegetable? Well, you’re not alone – it’s a fairly common mistake for Americans to refer to certain varieties of sweet potatoes as yams. Find out the difference between the two.

Fun Facts About Mules and Donkeys

Mule and donkey fun factsa

Did you know that a mule is a cross between a female horse and a male donkey (or “jack”)? Here are a few more fun facts about these unusual farm animals.

Farm Facts: Eggs


Did you know that you can tell whether an egg is fresh or stale by dropping it in water? Learn this and other farm facts about eggs.

City Ham or Country Ham? and 5 Other Ham Questions Answered


To give you a head start in your pursuit of a heavenly ham, read on for our answers to commonly asked ham questions.

Global Seed Vault Saves Our Seeds

Norway, global seed vault

Tennessee has a connection to Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway.

Farm Facts: Pork

pig, piglets, pork

No other animal provides society with a wider range of products than pigs.

Food Isn’t All We Get From Farms


Corn, wheat, milk – even tiny tots in America know that some products come from farms. But how many people realize that detergents, X-ray film and crayons wouldn’t be here without farmers and their crops?

Get the Facts on Firewood


Softwood or hardwood? Maple or pine?

Farm Facts: Beef

beef, grilling

Beef up your knowledge with these facts on the cattle industry, the largest segment of American agriculture.

Farm Facts: Grain

grain, field

Explore trivia and farm facts about wheat and grain.

Farm Facts: Soybeans


Soybeans are the top cash crop in Tennessee.

Farm Facts: Chickens and Poultry

chickens, farm, hen house

What’s the difference between a broiler and a fryer? We have the answer to this and other farm facts about chickens and poultry.

Farm Facts: Cotton


Cotton in Tennessee is a big cash crop – literally, since the cotton is used to make dollar bills. Want to learn more farm facts about cotton?

Farm Facts: Milk and Dairy

cheese, dairy, Ropp Jersey Cheese

Farm facts about milk and other dairy products, cows and dairy farms.