Tennessee Sheep are Flock Stars

Tennessee Sheep

Tennessee sheep production is growing within the state.

Governor Proclaims July Beef Month in Tennessee

Marniated and Grilled Steak

Celebrate July Beef Month in Tennessee with a savory grilled steak or juicy hamburger.

Farm Facts: Dairy

Farm Facts Dairy

See fun facts about Tennessee’s dairy industry for National Dairy Month in June.

Clements Family Leads a Wonderful Farm Life

Clements Family Farm

The Clements family raises chickens, pigs, sheep and young farmers.

Reindeer Games in Middle Tennessee

reindeer tour

Far from the North Pole, you can find reindeer in Middle Tennessee thanks to Santa’s Reindeer Tours.

Wooly Wonders from Good Wool Etc.

Good Wool Etc.

Find creative, handmade wool gifts from Good Wool Etc.

Tennessee Sheep Shearing Video

Tennessee Sheep

Watch a sheep shearing video of renowned sheep shearer Doug Rathke sharing his techniques at the annual Tennessee Sheep Shearing School held at MTSU.

Milking Devon Steers?

Milking Devon steer

You certainly can’t milk a steer. But you can learn more about Milking Devon steers at the Nashville Zoo’s heritage breed farm, where two steers named Tipton and Boone graze in a pasture.

Hatcher Family Dairy Milks Farm for All It’s Worth

Hatcher Dairy. milk

Tennessee’s Hatcher family finds a way to keep its dairying dreams alive.

An Eggcellent Idea: Benefits of Backyard Chickens

Backyard Chickens

The upside of raising backyard chickens flies far beyond a guaranteed breakfast.

Meet Livestock Farmer Lou Nave

Livestock Farmer Lou Nave

Q&A with a livestock farmer who serves as executive director of the Farm Animal Care Coalition of Tennessee.

Raising the Steaks at KLD Farms

Raising the Steaks at KLD Farms

KLD Farms in Petway offers fresh, all-natural, local meats with options of steaks, roasts, hamburger and more.

Meet Sheep Farmer Reyes Rich

Sheep Farmer Reyes Rich of Moss, Tennessee

When it comes to sheep, Reyes Rich isn’t your typical Bo Peep. He and his family run the sixth generation of Ginny Ridge Farms, which includes beef cattle, broiler chickens, goats and sheep. He raises more than 100 Suffolk, Hampshire and crossbred hair sheep ewes (female sheep).

Got Milk? Drink to June Dairy Month

crop to make look less wintery, if used. -jy

June Dairy Month has been keeping the importance of drinking milk and other dairy products in the forefront of people’s minds for 75 years.

Fun Facts About Mules and Donkeys

Mule and donkey fun factsa

Did you know that a mule is a cross between a female horse and a male donkey (or “jack”)? Here are a few more fun facts about these unusual farm animals.

Lake Nowhere: Martin’s Mule Metropolis

Lake Nowhere Mule and Donkey Farm in Martin, TN

Don’t let the unassuming name fool you; if you happen to be a donkey, a mule or a person who loves them, Lake Nowhere in Martin is a happening place.

National Moofest Dairy Festival

Calling all ice cream fans! Mark your calendar for the fourth annual National Moofest Dairy Festival in downtown Athens June 4 and 5, 2011.

Tennessee Teacher Wins National Ag Award

Beverly Hall of Baxter has been named AG CONNECT Expo “Ag Woman of the Year.”

Q&A: John Mitchell, Farmers Market Success Story

John and Lorie Mitchell, cows, dairy farm, Grainger County, TN

Sixth-generation East Tennessee dairy farmer

Wild Horse and Burro Adoptions in Cross Plains

Randall and Paula Carr, Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Center, Cross Plains, TN

Carr’s Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Center has helped animals from the West find a home in the Southeast and beyond for more than 30 years.

Q&A: Margie Hunter, Food Safety Expert

David and Margie Hunter, farm, Sparta, TN

White County farmers emphasize the importance of animal care and food safety.

Farm Facts: Beef

beef, grilling

Beef up your knowledge with these facts on the cattle industry, the largest segment of American agriculture.

Farm Facts: Chickens and Poultry

chickens, farm, hen house

What’s the difference between a broiler and a fryer? We have the answer to this and other farm facts about chickens and poultry.

Farm Facts: Milk and Dairy

cheese, dairy, Ropp Jersey Cheese

Farm facts about milk and other dairy products, cows and dairy farms.